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I'm in Ragnar!!!!

When you wanna go Viking but nobody around you is Norse enough. When you finally get your eyeliner right.

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Is this how a house breaks ? Could be over a cross road of one less traveled over what is tried and true ?

It's time to make more mead

Your number one source for info about the Vikings & Norse Mythology who was the Vikings and what was the name of their Gods and Goddesses, read it all here!

Vikings / GoT humour: The true King of the North.... Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lodbrok on the Iron Throne

Vikings / GoT humour: The true King of the North. Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lodbrok on the Iron Throne way to combine two of my favourite series, game of thrones is clearly always vanquished by the mighty Norse though, and now you can see why.


Vikings Rollo quote, "I told you. I will always look for revenge." (Clive Standen as Rollo)

The princess bride

The Princess Bride Fan Club (One of *the* best movies - and books - ever!) If you love the book or the movie, THIS is the place for you! Join today and quote away!

beautiful Meus medieval viking drakkar viking boat medieval and ...

Dragon heads on the bow of the viking ships were supposed to protect against the evil spirits of the sea. Whatever, it's art.


vegetablerightsandpeace: “feelsmoor: “ oh hell yes, bring on all the TV concepts pls [source] ” I hope this means we get more trashy historical romances where female Viking warriors decide to kidnap.