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No secrets, no lies, no games. You will always get my you are my best friend and the love of my life. I will NEVER make you question or doubt my love and commitment to you.

Seriously... I wish. But I'm way too geeky and shy to even have a boyfriend. Not a chance


You know you've found one of the sweetest guys when he says something about you you never knew yourself but suddenly you notice it<<< or she'd wake up irritated cause your "kind & sweet" text woke her up as soon as she FINALLY fell asleep

You know it baby! Ride or die forever Papi!


In life, as in chess, a queen stands beside the king. If you show no respect for your woman because you think she is just a pawn you are proclaiming your rank. Kings carry on.

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Art YOU ARE THE Peanut to my Butter Twinkle to my Eye Shake to my Bake Blue in my Sky Sprinkles on my Sundae Flip to my Flop Bumble to my Bee Jewel on my Crown Milk to my Shake Spring in my Step Beat of my Heart Love of my Life for-the-home

Me and my man

That Ride or die Relationship (loyal to the game) You Got Mÿ Back & I Damn Sure Have Yours!dĘ╼óR╾D!

Have you ever just stopped and realized, or gone through specific things!!! These things all happened for a reason, a purpose

have you ever stopped and realized that if you hadn't met a certain person your entire life would be completely different.