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Mermaids have occupied our imagination for thousands of years, originating in ancient Assyria with the legend of goddess Atargatis, whose worship spread to Greece and Rome. In one account, Atargatis transforms herself into half-human, half-fish being out

Forgotten Fairies of Irish Folklore

Surely EVERYONE likes monsters! At least somehow, in some way, we all have a place in our heart for monsters. Or does it depend on the monster? There sure are a lot of them! Here, I will take a look at various kinds of monster. What they are, where...

William water house preraphaelite creates whimsical beautiful images of women and medieval era events or mythology

Fantastically Wrong: The Murderous, Sometimes Sexy History of the Mermaid

The elusive and powerful mermaids always were viewed as a part of many local myths and legends all around the world. Here you can find out how they fueled the imagination of the people and strike the fear into the minds of the countless sailors.