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Phillip Rhee, and his real life brother, Simon Rhee...
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Phillip Rhee was raised in San Francisco. He is a martial artist, actor, director and producer who has created, produced and starred in six films, including the Best of the Best film series.  Rhee began studying martial arts at the age of four. He holds ranks of 6th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a 3rd degree black belt in Hap Ki Do and a 1st degree black belt in Kendo.
Best of the Best phillip Rhee | Pictures of Phillip Rhee - Pictures Of Celebrities
Filming with Simon Rhee, a childhood hero of ours from "Best of the Best."
HBD Simon Rhee October 28th 1957: age 58
Jet Li, from his movie Shaolin Temple.
Jet Li
Steven Seagal in Marked for Death