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Madmartigan from Willow – Costume Breakdown

Val Kilmer as 'Madmartigan' and Joanne Whalley-Kilmer as 'Sorsha' from "Willow",

Discover - Once again, children and young adults are the focus of this illustration. This time they seem to be in some sort of bathysphere, and there is not one single, solitary thing about bathyspheres that isn’t cool. In fact, the only thing cooler than a bathysphere, is a steampunk bathysphere.

Full Steam Ahead by Antonio Caparo. need to buy this print for nautical steampunk bathroom motif!

dream hope love family believe strenght

dream hope love family believe strength in a heart shape tattoo


I'm still afraid to watch Serenity because then THERE WILL BE NO MORE FIREFLY. Do I really want to live in a world with no more Firefly? > And why no more Firefly when there is SO much other crap on TV.


Study for an Approaching Exam

BATBISCUIT: "'Samson knight in red / He hath lost his way / Armor laced with blood / Shall reclaim his name.' Finally. I thought I might try some Cullen the Red Templar stuff. One picture became strip, strip became… long. Longer than it was originally supposed to be. And… I don’t mind. I guess."  batbiscuit.tumblr.com

"Samson knight in red, He hath lost his way. Armor laced with blood Shall reclaim his name. Few days back I was spending few days at 's place and we spent whole time playing Dragon Age In.

Mean Girls meets Battlestar Galactica.

How do I even begin to explain Kara Thrace? LOL battelstar galactica mean girl style.

tattoo biomechanik fuß

30 of the craziest and most awesome tattoo designs for men and women for your inspiration. This are some of the best tattoo you will ever see.

I would never get someone's name tattooed on me, but I love the idea of couple tattoos..so cute!

31 Of The Best Couple Tattoos. Been thinking of one cause the hubby has mentioned it a couple of times! I have a better idea!