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Spontaneous road trip with no destination. Would love to do this and just forget the world and live in the moment<<< just go with your best friends!

be the godmother of my best friend's child

be the godmother of my best friend's child! and have my best friend be the godmother of my child!

Except for we might get kicked out cuz were a little crazyyy

might have to take Nich to simplicity lol even though he would swear it's gay

It's time to start my best friend bucket list.

37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas

bucket list - go on a spa retreat with my best friend

go on a spa retreat with my best friend.kaylin is my best friend so it'd also be like a couples retreat lmao

Bin there and love even now I wish I could be there right now and I sometimes I…

YES PLEASE! Disneyland or Disney World, Six Flags and theme parks. Went to Disney World in high school for a Florida Competition with tons of friends. It was with the band, I was the captain of the Flag and Dance Team Baby!