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I know there is a curse word but i loved this to much Fnaf 4- behind the trailer.. by karinchan97 on DeviantArt

Foxy's stuck in the closet. Chica's getting a makeover with Cupcake. Bonnie has the midnight munchies. And they locked Freddy out of the house.

"Bonnie, why did you have to go?" (in FNaF 3 there is no Phantom! Bonnie so Freddy misses his friend so much) My feels ;_; GIFS by xnek0 on Tumblr, put together by me

"Bonnie, why did you have to go?" (in FNaF 3 there is no Phantom! Bonnie so…

Five Nights at Freddy's All alone GIF

Fangirls if you like FNAF pls take these poor animatronics home with you

Fly Away Puppet. by on @DeviantArt

A drawing of a Moment from an Rp and I did, basic story being I visit the Puppet in the restaurant, and help him "Fly home", touching moment so I drew i. Fly Away Puppet.

Fredmike - Let's Try by SaitouHime145 on DeviantArt

Here you go my dear i kno it's late imma go srry orz Ooohhh~ mikey's gon' aggressive~~ yep yep ^///^ reversible otp is da best. Fredmike - Let's Try

My very first serious FNAF art - although I've changed the purple guy's (whose name is Barney Miles in my AU) appearance a bit. I still like it, and I drew him and the kids several times. I'm also ...

Five nights at Freddy's - fake bad ending screen with Springtrap and the Missing Children. Fun fact: this was one of my earliest FNAf sketches, but I haven't start working on it for months.

tumblr_o63pyizXKO1vqg21wo10_1280.png (979×945)

Puppet, the Marionette, text, human form, boy; Five Nights at Freddy's

Whoa the cupcake can jumpscare?! This is weird and creepy at the same time!

Nightmare Chica

Whoa the cupcake can jumpscare? This is weird and creepy at the same time!

pole bear fnaf - Shadow Freddy & Bonnie

I step back and look at the Shadow Figures. "H-Hello?" I stammered "Hello~" they both said in Unison. "N-Nice to m-meet y-You." (I need someone to be Shadow Freddy and/Or shadow Bonnie.