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Tephrocactus geometricus f.inermis RB3268

Tephrocactus geometricus f.

Crassula tecta

Crassula tecta: I have these and need to pin this so I dont forget their name.


graptopetalum amesthystenum lavenar pebbles - Yes. I finally figured out what my mystery succulent is.

The pin caption says:"Pachyphytum glutinicaule, succulent" but it looks like 'Echeveria round leaf' ...

glutinicaule these are so cool:) I just bought one!

You gotta love Oscularia deltoides (the frosty blue guy crawling around in the Aeoniums) Love it!

The Succulent Friends - You gotta love Oscularia deltoides (the frosty-blue guy crawling around in the Aeoniums in this image). This side of the garden gets no direct sun for a couple of months in the winter, but the succulents don’t seem to care.