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Image from http://img11.deviantart.net/7db0/i/2012/024/4/1/paul_mccartney_1968_by_jamesf63-d4nc5hf.jpg.

Image from http://img11.deviantart.net/7db0/i/2012/024/4/1/paul_mccartney_1968_by_jamesf63-d4nc5hf.jpg.

paul newman & noscar

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Paul Newman. Good and handsome man.

Like Sean Connery, he just got more & more gorgeous as he age. Previous pinner said: Paul Newman, Stunning photo of a STUNNING man. A hero among men

yesssiree :)

This slideshow features pictures of young Paul Newman, an American icon that was made famous after appearing alongside Stanley Kubric in the Broadway show “Picnic” .

¡¡Galanes del Baul de los Recuerdos!! // Dioses de Antaño

Paul Newman with two puppies. Paul can be in the animal page, just because.

Paul Newman

“He has good character, and not many people do. I think he would rather not do anything wrong, whether on a moral or an artistic level. He is what you call a man of conscious.”-Gore Vidal on Paul Newman

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Married for fifty years, Paul and Joanne lived in the same Connecticut farm house for 48 of them. "I have a steak at home."- Paul Newman on resisting other women

Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman shopping for books, 1959

Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward book shopping in Paris. Photo by Gordon Parks - Grognards