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Trapping pit: I am a wilderness hiker from the north part of Sweden. This is no useful wilderness survival tip but nevertheless an interesting fact how people survived

Need to tie a knot? There’s an app for that! Wait, no! There’s no app for that! But with this infographic you can tie all sorts of specialty knots with no trouble at all.Via Black Point Outdoors.More great Outdoors knowledge.Photo credit: Canva

15 Secret Hiding Places That Will Fool Even the Smartest Burglar

The best place to hide cash. What!I need about hundred of those everywhere lol but on secret doors lol

The Top 35 Reasons You Need To Stockpile Vinegar NOW!

35 Reasons You Should Never Be Without Vinegar - Whether you are storing up supplies for hard times or just want to save a little grocery money on cleaning supplies, one thing you should never be without is vinegar. People have been using it for ages – and not just for cooking or preserving foods. Vinegar’s versatility is virtually unmatched when it comes to having multiple uses.

Un'ottima idea per campeggiatori! Se riempite una tanica d'acqua, di quelle non trasparenti ma satinate e li puntate contro un faretto, la tanica si illuminerà come fosse una lampada