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Iam going to do this!

This is an article that talks about the irony of 'love' being the most common word commented on the most popular porn site in the world in

Anniversary pic idea for this summer... 10 year in front of house with kids spread out

25 Share-Worthy Wedding Photos

Take a picture together every anniversary and watch yourselves grow old together. What a a great idea! Thinking my husband & I will try to do this starting on our 1 year wedding anniversary.

16 Ways I Blew My Marriage | An incredibly insightful article series that not only boyfriends and husbands should read but girlfriends and wives as well. Women are just as guilty about these kind of things as well and need to learn when to step back and assess what they're doing wrong or negatively | @rosajoevannoy ✞

Art 16 Ways I Blew My Marriage - Ive had two failed marriages now which means Im not the one you should come to for marriage advice. But dont blow it advice? Ive got plenty. single-dad-laughing-the-good-stuff

Shine a Light on Slavery Day: February 27. Please do this!

End It Movement! muslims believe in keeping & selling slaves, They use women & children from conquered countries as sex

Hoods up

oh my gosh yes! reminds me of all of my garage dates with will for either his truck or my jeeps haha