Simple Inspirations by Sandy: Variegated leaf cane tutorial - week 19 of canes.  Great tutorials!

Simple Inspirations by Sandy: Variegated leaf cane tutorial - week 19 of canes

Polymer Clay Leaf Cane  - fall colors, please.

KatersAcres DIY Polymer Clay Leaf Cane Tutorial with Pictures & Instructions

Tutorial: how to make a striped sheet by Orly Rabinowitz

TRY- scrap clay, how to make a striped sheet tutorial by Orly Rabinowitz

Polymer Tutorials: New Technique: Openwork Pendants. whoa these are pretty..........

Pendants Tutorial Openwork Pendants: <br>Under a Microscope, Polymer Tutorials

El paso a paso de la biju! Como hacerlo!

Polymer fruit canes tutorial i will never need to make fruit, But it gives me an idea on how to make clay canes

Sometimes, when I start a project, I carefully plan everything out with sketches and color chips and recipes.  Sometimes I just grab some cl...

Kael Mijoy: Polymer Clay Tutorial: Blue Stitched Flower Cane - very cool

Tutorial to create mini fruit canes

How to create fruit canes videos (tutorials) with polumer clay. NOT, unfortunately in English.

Polymer clay leaf canes. You have to buy the tutorial, and you can probably find the info online for free instead... but at least the picture is pretty. :3

Polymer clay cane tutorial leaf canes by PolymerClayTutorials

Polymer clay feather cane! | WefollowPics

Always popular feathers -tute ~ Polymer Clay Canes

artforum - גליל עלה

Polymer Clay Leaf Cane - clear tutorial by artforum - גליל עלה