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The Pillbug Traveller by Bobby ChiuDone for our gallery show at Arludik gallery in June Acrylic I love painting traditionally. The Pillbug Traveller

For October 4th the prompt word is "HUNGRY". #inktober2016 #inktober #dinosaurs #trex #triceratops

For October 4th the prompt word is "HUNGRY". #inktober2016 #inktober #dinosaurs #trex #triceratops

Image result for Morgan Rendle

Image result for Morgan Rendle

jeff miracola art - Google Search

Jeff Miracola’s website is a real feast of fantasy illustration. His digital artwork stands out, though he is equally impressive with traditional painting techniques.

Image result for open acrylics painting

Image result for open acrylics painting

Behind the scenes look at BPRD Hell on Earth: Gods #1! :: Blog :: Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics is the third-largest comics publisher in the U., known for such titles as Aliens, Buffy & Hellboy.

vintagegal:    Spring Scattering Stars 1927 by Edwin Howland Blashfield

hoodoothatvoodoo: “ Edwin Howland Blashfield ‘Spring Scattering Stars’ 1927 ” Spring Scattering Stars by Edwin Howland Blashfield Happy EQUINOX!

From the depths

Cthulhu Ballpoint Sketch by Nathaniel Wilson Drax just pointed me out to a Wordcount for Lovecraft’s Favorite Words , heh!

The Tano Giant was seen in the Gold Coast sometime before 1911. It was described as a "white ape of extroardinary stature" that was "past all men" in size. It's arms alone were reportedly as thick as a man. The skin was described as being white, but the hair was black. The head was flattened and oddly described as being the size of a large monkey's. The mouth was monkey-like and had big teeth

John Carter - Character Design and Concept Art by Michael Kutsche, via Behance (rabbit concept)-there were some beautiful creature designs and fx in this movie.