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early bird.

A robin pulls a worm from the ground on a rainy Friday afternoon, March 2012 in a grassy area just north of Zoo Beach in Racine, Wis.


Hawks: Interesting Facts and Species Information

animals-animals-animals: African Striped Mice (by Tambako the Jaguar)

Kingdom Animalia, African Striped Mice (by Tambako the Jaguar)

Wood or Carolina Duck (Aix sponsa)

Wood Duck or Carolina Duck (Aix sponsa): Origin, Description, Photos, Diet and Breeding

Beautiful Pictures of West Virginia | Northern Cardinal - West Virginia's State Bird

Another amazing cardinal

https://flic.kr/p/BjZ574 | Barn owl | Barn owl @ everland.korea

asthmas: “ In Cherl Kim Barn owl ”

H-owl are you? (;

NortNorthern Saw-Whet Owl Back - what a beautiful owl


To Tame A Wild Heart - a paranormal romance about an orphan and nomad who doesn't know she's a witch and the Zyne falconer tasked with bringing her into the fold.

pinon imperial pigeon

fairy-wren: pinon imperial pigeon (photo by hongbisdak)


On this picture you see a colour splash from all different colours: primary, seondary and tertiary colors. I want to hang this on my wall

animal wallpaper for iPhone and Android

I did CPR on a hamster. It worked! Our department was called out to a structure fire. We got on scene within a couple minutes and 2 other engines were already on scene, one team doing a search, and.

Hungry tiger

You all know that I'm a big fan of domesticated cats, but I also like big cats a lot. Siberian tiger from Kosice ZOO, Slovakia. Coming closer

Shall I get this one ? Toshiba 32W1333 - 32

There is someone in your closest circle, be it husband, wife, partner friend who is unashamedly addicted to TV, a real couch potato - though almost.

fairy-wren: “ blue tit (photo by 5348 franco) ”

GOLDEN EAGLE - Aquila chrysaetos . . . Eurasia, North America, North Africa.

Golden eagles use their speed and sharp talons to snatch up rabbits, marmots, and ground squirrels