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Welcome Sloth on Waxing Moon V2 Skateboard Complete - Teal - 8.50" You'll be moving exactly opposite to the way that this sloth moves. Just watch out for those claws!

Welcome Control Squid on Vimana Skateboard Complete - Purple Fade - 8.25" Talk about control freaks.. this squid has total control. Now you will too with the Welcome Control Squid on the Vimana shape.

Welcome Love Watcher on Moontrimmer Skateboard Complete - Miami - 8.50" This Welcome board depicts the rare Love Watcher on the Moontrimmer shape. Don't blink, the Love Watcher might fly away before you know it. Or you might...

Welcome Jackalope on Squidbeak Skateboard Complete - Purple Orange Gradient - 8.60 The mythical creature that inspired generations of hoaxers is finally on a deck. On top of that, everyone knows the Squidbeak shape helps you ollie higher. This deck will have you sayin', "What's a popsicle shape again?".

$49.95. Welcome Skateboards

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