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Hang in there. It WILL pass. You never know the beauty thats waiting right around the corner.

"I promise you. These storms are only trying to wash you clean" -Jessica Katoff

its crazy how much you can summarise who you are based on this stuff!

Im not a virgo but this is so true! If it is a situation that I can't say what I really think, then I will say nothing. I don't change my opinion to fit who I am around.


I don't fall or believe in love. I did once and that's when I told myself I was never gunna fall or believe in love ever again because they lied to me and broke my heart. But ever since I met you iv been falling for you. - I love you.

So very true. I pride myself on not needed any other, but it's nice to be able look at you and know you'll catch me if I fall

If I tell you I need you, do not take it lightly. I do everything I can to never have to depend on anyone, to never show weakness, and if I say that I need you, it means I am trusting you to catch me when I fall. CES will you catch me?

It fucking happened I'm a fucking disgrace I let him see me I'm such a fuck up

Don't cry infront of them, please just fight back the tears. Please, just don't let them see me cry. Anxiety in those situations. I know this feeling so well. I hate it. This feeling is the worst. Anxiety causes it.

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There's always a story - and I like to listen to people's stories. Maybe, one day - someone will want to listen to my story and not walk away because of it

Me...from the first word to the very last.

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❝ ℱood ℱor Thought ❞

For when I make my first mistake. People are human - they make mistakes. Look at the whole person, the track records, who they are historically.

Because if you don't people will just keep putting you down. And they never truly understand why you were sad to begin with

The saddest way to live life yet so many of us do it so well. This is when I knew it was time to change things in my life.