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40 Cool Typography Based Quotes

inspirational quotes ignore the naughty word, instead focus on the idea. I agree. the hardest moments of my life have inspired me to be a better person and

Oh @Lara Casey you were smart before, but being a momma has made you brilliant :)

The goal of life not to make a lot of money. Is to make a life that means something.


Declutter and Organize Your Home

A dreaded word. One definition of clutter states: a confused or disordered state or collection. And when clutter is in your house, your life, it's also in your mind. What do I mean by clutter? Clutter can be anything that's out of order;

If you're looking for a simple and powerful way to make the most of your Bible study/Bible reading time, the S.O.A.P method is a great tool! First of all, I need to give the disclaimer that this sy...

How SOAP Changed My Life

Who says you can only write SOAP notes for work? SOAP Bible Study Method---for daily Bible reading/passages: S-scripture verse that stands out O-observations A-application to my life P-prayer of response LOVE IT!

Accept and appreciate one instead of feeling awkward.

Practice saying these five words out loud.

Do you need to learn how to take a compliment? Or are you one of those people who loves compliments? How does one take a compliment?