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If you start remembering things that you did not do. then its time to stop lying. Actual Advice Mallard meme - Cast your vote, share, discuss and browse similar memes

Where procrastinators come to unite.

Health tips and tricks.

Funny pictures about Tape This Inside Your Medicine Cabinet For Future Use. Oh, and cool pics about Tape This Inside Your Medicine Cabinet For Future Use. Also, Tape This Inside Your Medicine Cabinet For Future Use photos.

This flowchart will help you decide what you should watch on Netflix (or in general).

This Genius Netflix Flowchart Will Tell You Exactly What to Watch - sadly it only works with American Netflix movie quotes

Interesting.....good to know

Something you should probably be aware of…

the sticker is the size of a quarter.and it's BEHIND the stop sign. How will you know if the sign is real until after you break the law? Just ask the cop to check.he'll love that.

http://www.pinterest.com/seajay1908/smarter-than-me-so-far/ List of very useful websites

29 Incredibly Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier

40 Clever Life Hacks to Simplify your World

The camera lens in such smart phones as iPhone are great these days. You take good quality pictures. And this macro lens is going to boost up your iPhone camera

Here are some cool and creative life hacks for first world problems.

Life hack: camera lens cap saver - put opposite Legos (one on the cap, and its match on the strap) so it can be affixed there when not in use.

This may com in handy

Funny pictures about Amazing Life Hacks. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Life Hacks. Also, Amazing Life Hacks.