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Bountiful Bamboo Wooden Side Table

Bountiful Bamboo designs embellish the ornate style of this petite side table. Growing lovely cream and cinnabar flowers, handpainted green bamboo shoots...

wooden balcony idea - Small Balcony Gardens - Let’s leave our indoors for a while; it’s time for terraces & balconies! Hey, it’s spring; let’s enjoy some fresh air!

vegetable gardens

The French Potager Garden. A potager is the French term for an ornamental vegetable or kitchen garden. This design is to provide a garden of abundance in an aesthetically pleasing manner

"Espresso wide plank floors were installed throughout my home to replace carpet and bamboo. The rich cool-brown color looks lovely, and the house seems even brighter than before because the dark color reflects so much light." - Heather, OH

Shopping Basket Low Pattern by Wagner