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Example of Heteronormativity: pretending lesbian relationships are just girls who are good friends and entirely platonic. And I literally saw someone yesterday who claimed heteronormativity isn't real. Of course you wouldn't think it's real, it's so ingrained in society no one ever notices it unless they're outside the "norm".

Its like that story where a brother and a sister were both homosexuals but their parents didnt know and were homophobes so they pretended to date the boyfriend/girlfriend of the other so that at night the parents would make the two girls sleep together and the two boys too

Maybe this is an inside joke because they pretend to be friends but they're actually husbands.

Funny moment in Merlin! i love their relationship! they are so much like me and my best friends when we talk!

This bulletin board allows residents to show off what they're proud of or what they're interested in, promoting community and self-esteem. So far, my residents have added pictures they like, funny notes, business cards and drawings.