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My favorite show is greys anatomy and I wanna be a pediatric nurse so this quote is my favorite

Meredith Alex & Arizona Meredith saying Perfect penny killed my husband how sad this episode was for Meredith and how a good Friend Alex has been to her

My Favorite Grey's Moments — Submitted by...

George to Meredith: McDreamy was doing thr McNasty with McHottie. That McBastard! My Favorite Grey's Moments - Grey's Anatomy quotes

Arizona talking about Derek.

Arizona talking about Derek. I started disliking Arizona a bit but I liked this scene and Alex's face in the background


Patient: Are you a robot? Arizona Robbins: No, but I'm almost that cool. I got into an accident and I lost my leg, so they gave me a new one. Patient: Can you jump super high? Arizona: No.