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Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris presents : Meuble de rangement ou chevet Jean-Jean Numéro 111 - Art gallery in Le Marais, Paris, specialised in designers furniture and decorative pieces. Great design exhibitions and contemporary furniture store in Paris.

Kloe Seat by Marco Acerbis

Kloe Seat by Marco Acerbis

futuristic furniture designs

The Futuristic and Surreal Furniture design by Alexander Petunin - Modern futurisztikus bútor design

Marc's copper-lined coffee table adds a new dimension of visual richness to any space. The naturally inspired futuristic design of Mollusque pays homage to the artifacts Victorians displayed during the of 19th century, imbued with a decidely futuristic feel.  Limited Edition of 5.  4 remain.

Mollusque - sycamore glass and copper table. an astounding piece of contemporary furniture by Marc Fish.

The Well

Lugano / Metallic waste bin can be hanged on the desktop top, left directly on the ground and even on the desk. / From: CrousCalogero Desgin Studio

Méchant Design: minimalism in b&w

minimalism in b&w

Méchant Design: minimalism in b&w // chair // stoel // hout met witte kussen // cozy