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Game Night!!--Original Image is from the book cover: Shadow Prowler (Chronicles of Siala #1) by Alexey Pehov, Алексей Пехов

Targi (2012) The board consists of a 5x5 grid: a border of 16 squares with printed action symbols and then 9 blank squares in the centre onto which cards are dealt. Meeples are placed one at a time on the spaces at the edges of the board (not including corner squares). You cannot place a meeple on a square the opponent has a meeple on already, nor on a square facing opponent's meeple. Once all meeples are placed, players then execute the actions on the border squares the meeples are on and…

How to Make an Interesting Art Piece Using Tree Branches

DIY - How to make a heart shaped wall art out of driftwood or tree branches and twigs. Includes tips on branch selection and shows how to tie branches together.