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Come... come magic of autumn... consume me in every color of fire... xo

"You can start fires with your hands," he whined, "You a freakin' superhero…

I'm thinking about making some more pin-boards for making it easier to find the stuff you need. Like, I make one board for characters, one for animals etc.. What do you guys think about that idea?

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Izzy held up 6 candles, each one with a strange carving on the front. I easily recognized the carvings as standing for one of the Deadly Sins, respectively. The only one missing was Wrath (Anger). But once she pulled down the hood to her black cloak I connected the dots. Mainly because of the big 'Wrath' symbol she had glowing from her forehead. Only Gatekeepers, guiders of lost souls, could manipulate the Sins. If she could do so, maybe there was more at play than simple spirits in this…

darkelf-whitewitch: “ dame-wolf: “ autumn is in our midst ig: roux.

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Prudence awoke each day before dawn to greet the sun. Oh, she loved to dance in the early mists. She felt alive.