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Botany in 8 Lessons - Student Text | Main photo (Cover)

Botany in 8 Lessons - Student Text, Science, BOTANY, Botany Instructional, Botany in 8 Lessons

Plant Parts (Life of Plants)

Plant Parts (Life of Plants)

Waldorf ~ 5th grade ~ Botany ~ main lesson book

Waldorf Inspirations, a website designed to help inspire teachers as they go about the rewarding yet sometimes challenging task of bringing the Waldorf grades’ curriculum to their students.

Waldorf ~ 5th grade ~ Botany ~ Resource ~ The Plant, Vol. 1 - Gerbert Grohmann

Waldorf ~ grade ~ Botany ~ Resource ~ The Plant, Vol.

Apologia Botany (Grades K-6).  Love this course! So fascinating.  You actually dissect flowers and look at all their interesting parts.  Teach this one to all ages at the same time.  Really good!

Exploring Creation With Botany -- Young Explorer Series (Young Explorer (Apologia Educational Ministries)): Jeannie Fulbright:

Botany Coloring Book

Botany Coloring Book