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Become a Better Person With This 30-Day Kindness Challenge

Become a Better Person With This 30-Day Kindness Challenge

Performing kind acts will make you less stressed. Start this kindness challenge to better your life now. I do most of these on a regular basis!!! If only we all lived our life doing things like this for others with NO expectation of anything in return!

Jeremy de Aviación de la ciudad de Nueva York capturó este tiro increíble sobre nuestro Boeing 777-300ER del Valor de Dallas/Fortaleza a Londres.

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This is probably the biggest obstacle people have to being successful in their life. Many times I have worked with clients and others that desired a change or guidance; however they were not truthful in the disclosure of all of their personal financial hurdles. As you might expect failure occurred and they never accepted responsibility for their actions. Always seeking to lay blame with someone else.

Infographic: The Value of Financial Literacy

The Value of Financial Literacy | With nearly 20 percent of Americans living beyond their means, education about personal finance is critical. Research indicates that teaching finance to students yields greater money-management skills that carry well into adulthood. 1 out of 5 Americans lives beyond his or her means...