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baby hipster I could totally see my friends son dressing like this! He has the perfect personality for it! : | Loving Hearts Child Care and Development Center in Pontiac, MI is dedicated to providing exceptional tender loving care while making learning fun! Give us a call at (248) 475-1720 or visit our website www.lovingheartsc... for more information!

26 Things That Will Make Your Brovaries Explode

Kids red Bull Snapback hats on sale Kids red Bull - ,Love this snapback .save for my Baby RYLEY♥

Okay I'm a guilty party in this whole hipster picture deal but sometimes we all just need to be mocked. lol

Take that, Tumblr

Sarcastic People Fixing Inspirational Images. Perfect<---oh how I love these things XD >>>> Maybe, I'm laughing a little too hard :D Especially the bridge and the lamp.

#Anime AOT-Levi Ackerman~so hot x3

Kuudere- Levi (he is not a kuudere c:)

I would love to add some vintage rock t-shirts and tanks to my summer wardrobe.

Wide rim fedora, Guns n' Roses tank vest, and acid washed high waisted shorts. Cutest outfit ever?

Ah, alas thou hast found an accurate description of thou

21 Things That Will Never Make Sense To Introverts

Nap All Day Sleep All Night Party Never Sloth - Sticker design by Nation Of Amanda! x inches Screen-printed vinyl sticker suitable for outdoor use Sloth

Pinterest: caitliinnlee

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Hah, sicker than your average Poppa twist cabbage off instinct, niggas don't think shit stink Pink gators, my Detroit players Timbs for my hooligans in Brooklyn- Biggie

@jazdawkins and @lilligates in looks from the shop

@jazdawkins and @lilligates in looks from the shop

$10.95 - Soap for Pity Parties 170g / 6oz - Scented with Country Music.Kidding. It's actually scented with whiney posts lifted from your Facebook Page.

Cue the violin. Aw, you never went to prom? So sad! You must be devastated. Your legs look like hot dogs and the cat pooped in your room and now people keep posting pictures of their exotic vaca