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Churches really need to pay taxes if they insist on having their noses in government.

The constitution was written by men so that you would be free to believe in the Bible or not. (I thank God everyday I live in a country where we are able to have freedoms to have religion or not.

This puffin speaks the truth. Let's elect a puffin! Thanks to @Ana Maranges Martin TIME for the photo!

The people with power (million dollar corporations, politics) like to point fingers so the blame is not on them.

Vote for democrats across the ballot.  Warren Buffet agrees that his secretary and middle class Americans like her, should NOT be paying his share of taxes.

Vote for democrats across the ballot. Warren Buffett agrees that his secretary and middle class Americans like her, should NOT be paying his share of taxes.

Exactly...it should not matter what religion our government officials practice, all that should matter is that they're qualified to do their jobs ( which most of them apparently don't).

What part of the separation between the Church & the State don't so many 'christ-ians' , including many politicians, not understand ?

Need to see this. They may think they're just getting together like anyone else would, but if this isn't mockery I don't know what is.

Atheist 'mega-churches' take root across US, world

Prayer Needed: Atheist 'mega-churches' take root across US, world: An attendee grabs a brochure at the Sunday Assembly, a godless congregation founded by British comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa

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Thomas Jefferson: the 2 enemies of the people are criminals & government.

McCarthy's Do-or-Die Moment: Majority Leader or Bust!  Rhinos are stampeding !

GOP Leadership: Benghazi Victims' Families 'Absurd and Inaccurate' in Select Committee Demand - Breitbart

Les français(es) prévoient de faire les soldes d'été

It's time for some suggestions on great Progressive companies who strongly believe in Liberal values and donate large amounts of money to Progressive causes

come again

Just goes to show that the Tea Party protestors are responsible adults with a cohesive argument. Not so much.

Straight for LGBT Rights

Quotes To Inspire - 'Giving Someone Else Equal Rights Does Not Infringe Or Take Away Rights From You. It Just Makes It Illegal To Enforce Your Prejudice & Hate. It's That Simple'