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Always wait till after the credits...there's always an extra scene!

I saw Captain America last night and more than half the people left right when the credits started then half of the remaining people left after the first extra scene. In the end there was only 5 people left in the theater including me and my friend

Oh, drunk people. I think I love Ryan Gosling a little more for this right here lolz

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Ellen is the only woman who can stand next to Beyoncé and still be the most fabulous person in the room. I love Ellen.


The 28 most important lessons you can learn from watching "Drake and Josh!" Ahaha i read al of them and theyre funny!

Life as an introvert. I'm not an introvert but this is hilarious. X'D

Life as an introvert. Fight for your introvert rights people. In the bathroom, with your laptop and a secret weapon!

I don't care if Flash isn't marvel.

TBH, I only like DC because of Arrow and The Flash, other than that I'm a Marvel girl. But now, with all this Hydra cap crap, DC's looking pretty appealing right now. <---- Pretty much << eh i like the idea of hydra cap bc it's so sad