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Need some French curse words for those WTF moments that deserve an expletive or two? But proceed with caution using these expletive words

"What if you're right and they're wrong?" - (Fargo, The Crocodile's Dilemma)

"What if you’re right and they’re wrong?" - (Fargo, The Crocodile’s Dilemma)

Here are four of Gotham 's multitude of character posters that are typically advertised as separate one-sheets. Fox's team smartly avoided two big pitfalls: They

Fall TV Ads Graded: Best & Worst of 2014

Fall TV Ads Graded: Best & Worst of ------Only about three posters got an A. Most of the rest got B's and C's and about another three got a D. These range from "oh wow! What were they thinking?

this was one of my favorite shows growing up. little did i know that it would influence my career choice in the future.

Made this for mashed potatoes at my work's thanksgiving lunch.

TV Themes ~ MASH, Theme of late / early TV -- taken from the movie, the theme's actual title is "Suicide is Painless". (Watched the original movie recently.didn't really stand up to time. The TV show was much much better.

What can I say about this show? It is the strangest show I have ever seen, with some of the most memorable characters ever developed. To me this is Kyle MacLachlans best performance in anything!

Top 20 Canceled TV Shows That Should Be Revived

Twin Peaks Theme Song (opening credits): The theme song to the David Lynch TV series Twin Peaks, composed by Angelo Badalamenti.

Can honestly say that when I read these books I never envisaged Uhtred looking like this, what a treat!

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Stranger Things on Netflix - A whole bunch of 80s sci-if, nostalgia awesomeness.

Official artwork for Netflix series Stranger Things. It's Spielberg/Stephen King/The Goonies/E.T/X-files all in one.

2 Broke Girls (2011 - ) CBS on Monday @ 9/8c (Premiere Sept. 23rd)

Torrent's Séries: 2 Broke Girls A série narra a vida de duas garçon.

Glee - kind of went off and on with liking this show, but in the end, the music always brought me back. Not sure if I'll continue to watch without Rachel, Finn, Mike, Puck, Quinn, etc...

Glee Movie Spoilers

I am truly not embarrassed to admit that I am a total GLEEK!

Marina, Aqua Marina she whispers words my heart is longing to hear!  Stingray.

Marina, Aqua Marina she whispers words my heart is longing to hear!