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99% Steven Universe

I said I would do it, so I did.

Fandoms and where they'd end up if they lived the canon

The Lunar Chronicles fans wake up to the end on the World War, as peace is settled and humanity is rebuilding society<<<YES! And Kingdom Keepers fans wake up to find out that the Keepers just saved them from SBS

Comic Con Experience

Comic Con Experience

Comics, Comic Con

UnderFalls by chibiirose.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt- This makes me really really happy.>GOMPERS TORIEL I CANT.

there were so many combinations I could have done but I based them most from personality *^^* This was fun! also one with Gompers was just for laughs hehe~ I hope.

gravity falls crystal pines au dipper gets stabbed - Google Search

"Who wore it better?" // Dipper>>> dipper for tha win>>>>Dip for sure>>>>>>I say bird mom wore it better.>>>>>>> I think pearl wore it better because of her pointy nose