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I've heard that "every troubled teen is a mentor away from a success story" but i like this, because everyone troubled or not deserves someone who believes in them...thanks to all my mentors! i love you all!

A "getting to know you game" for a large group of people. This was a hit at our recent Relief Society Meeting.

Time capsule: handprint, height measured by yarn, "on my first day" worksheet and self-portrait. Finish off with "Do Not Open Till June 2012" sticker.

I want to have an open relationships with my students and I want them to feel safe discussing any topics, including the more difficult ones like race, culture, religion, etc. I think this saying hanging in the class will foster that idea and is a good way to show your students you are a person always willing to learn and be there for them. This is part of creating a prosocial environment, as our text described in Chapter 4. by staci