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Optimus....alien life form turns into a giant badass semi truck....even aliens have good taste....

He has a good taste in trucks! Wallpaper and background photos of Optimus Prime Peterbilt 379 for fans of Truckers images.

Purple machine

Big Rigs & Semis - Pics of all S T R E C H E D rigs! - lets see pics of all rigs that have been streched.

Truck and Trucking Insurance #Bestflins

Semi trucks are everywhere these days. Drive on any stretch of highway and you're bound to see a number of semi trucks, and most of them look pretty boring. But some semi truck companies go the extra

Seen a slick oil truck today, had a chromed out.plaque on the back, didn't catch what it said thow.

Truck from the movie 'Duel'.

1960 Peterbilt 281 from the movie Duel at Museum of Transportation

Custom Big Rig Truck Show Rifle Shifter

Custom Big Rig Truck Show Rifle Shifter - Oh man, would this not just be the most awesome thing!

— Peterbilt custom 386?

Tractor-Trailer Fleet Transitioning From Diesel to NatGas if I had a semi it would look like this!

Jaw dropping 18 wheeler... why?

Pics Photos - Peterbilt Semi Rig Truck Mean Cool Sticker Decal Choose Size Color