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Cute Birds: The Top 10 Most Adorable Birds

the blue-footed boobie; only one example of God's sense of humor. people being another...

Robins, such fun birds to watch while they take a bath in my birdbath, they are not shy at all

Every day and everywhere Steampunk Tendencies grows! We are very pleased to announce that we have reached 10 000 followers on Twitter Thank you very much to all of you! We love you!

Features of a Good Bird Nest Box: This infographic has tons of information. Cornell Lab of Ornithology

image via Texts from Parrots Budgies, lovies, tiny birds are not throw-away, “Oh I forgot to feed it.” birds! They are intelligent and capable of love just like the bigger birds. Spread Small-Birds-Are-Just-As-Amazing-As-Big-Birds Awareness!