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Doggie Super Foods

All Dogs Can Doggy Paddle, But Some Breeds Just Aren’t Natural Swimmers Based on the name of the popular swimming stroke, the doggy paddle, it’s probably safe to assume that all dogs are natural born swimmers, right?

Male or Female? Beginning with my tenth rat, I started adopting males exclusively. I love the males because they’re (in general) cuddlier and more responsive to developing a relationship with humans. The females frequently possess independent personalities. Unlike most males, they’re not as likely to want to sit on your lap and be petted. Instead, they’re quite adventurous and even mischievous.

There are so many factors to consider when choosing your pet rats: How many should I get? What Sex, Age, Breed? Where’s the best place to find pet rats?

I don't care who dies in a movie, as long as the dog lives: I fully agree on that one!!

I don't care who dies in a movie

I will never watch "sad dog movies. I can watch sad people movies all day long. but put the dog in peril and I turn it off! SO TRUE! I cry in movies if that happens!


Country Cutie Homemade Costume Idea for Dogs- hahahahaha.this cracks me up.


Too funny-- When I see rich snooty looking women at the grocery store I pretend I need something and say "excuse me do you work here" just to help keep things real!