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Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna had a passion for Faberge’s flowers in vases created from gem hard stones, enameling and crystal. These beautiful flower bouquets helped to brighten the long winter days in Russia. Russian mineral deposits of jasper, lapis, malachite discovered in the eighteenth century provided Faberge the materials to create miniatures of animals and heroes.

Miniatur in Kürze Dollhouse Dekor Blume Filz Wolle Kraftwerk Waldorf Dekoration Danksagung Geschenk weiß blau rot gelb lila Woodland

Miniatur Blume in Kürze Dollhouse Dekor Filz wolle Mini Anlage Waldorf Dekoration Erntedankfest Geschenk weiß blau rot gelb lila Woodland

Miniature Polymer Clay Flowers Spring Blooming Tulip 6 Baskets