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My pittie, Annie❤️❤️

My pittie, Annie❤️❤️

Here is an easy way you can make your dog smell amazing (with out a bath) using essential oils. #dogdiy

Here is an easy way you can make your dog smell amazing (with out a bath) using essential oils. #dogdiy

Definitely going to need these tips for next year when Penelope lives with me and my roommate!

How to Stop Dog Barking in Your Apartment

Excessive barking not only poses an annoyance to you, but to your neighbors as well. You can’t expect a dog to never bark, but incessant barking becomes an issue over time. Here’s a few techniques to help stop dog barking in your apartment.

These Labrador Retrievers can't read a clock, yet always know when it's dinner time Always! #funnydogs


Dogs can t read a clock but always know when it is dinnertime :))))) funny dog picture

Scientific research (RCTs) supports this concept! Believe me, my vet had me read the literature. Totally changed my perception of pit bulls. Glad our dogs found us out in the woods. :) They are "lap-babies" and sweet through and through.

Pitbulls second nicest dog. if I meet another pit bull hater.I might not pass this temperament test

Better to say.....  I’m not a monster, but my owner might be!  Animals are who there owners make them....

Blue Nose Pit Bulls is one of the popular Pitbull Dog Breeds. If you are interested in buying or adopting a Blue Nose Pitbull, read first the facts about this d

Tips for taking great "portraits" and "snapshots" of the four-legged members of your family! :-)

How To Take Great Photos Of Your Pets

Great tips for taking photos of pets - beneficial for taking adoption photos of shelter and rescue pups!

Looks like Rocka when she was a puppy

Blue-nose pitbull puppy likes to sleep with his tongue out, gah! So cute! This is so adorable!

pιnтereѕт: LuxuryXQueen Catahoula leopard puppy - I don't even have a category for how cute this puppy is!!

Those eyes. This dog breed is known for its incredible hunting abilities. The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog is said to have originated from the state of Louisiana is in the area of Catahoula thus acquiring the name Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.

Almost white

What mud? Make this a dachshund and this would be my Dixie Belle and generally right after a bath do I find her in the mud puddle.