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Cosmic Serpents,Mesopotamia Mideast

Cosmic Serpents,Mesopotamia Mideast

Sumerian Tree of Life Shared common elements such as the cosmic pole, bell jar shape, the lattice and the fruit/leaves with the Trees of Life of other Mesopotamian cultures. Almost always is the tree being attended to by one or two genies (celestial guardians), mythical figures or kings. These attending figures indubitably have wings - the sign of divinity. The solar winged disk usually hovers above

The Secret Doctrine ...fohat, divine messenger, intelligent cosmic electricity, who at the Divine Word proceeds forth to create worlds and the beings thereon, moves in a serpentine course, generates spirals; and this spiral plan of evolution is imitated throughout nature, from the nebulae to the spiral growth of plants. The serpent means divine wisdom, creative intelligence; and Masters of Wisdom are called serpents -- which gives a new meaning to the injunction "Be ye wise as Serpents."

"The first state is the hidden state, but by art and the grace of God it can be transmuted into a second, manifest state. That is why “the prima materia sometimes coincides with the idea of the initial stage of the process, the nigredo. It is then the black earth in which the gold or the lapis is shown like the grain of wheat. It is the black...~Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy. Pages 312 #carl jung, #psychology, #quotations

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