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Cute Swimmer

Speed o Rex: Farmboy Speedos

Remember that guy who gave up? neither does anybody else. www.facebook.com/speedosa

This is the quote on the back of my swim team shirt

Are you finding that getting to the level you want to be at with your swimming is a struggle? Here are 7 reasons why you are having difficulty achieving what you want in the water, and more importantly, what you can do about it. Swimmers will experience varying amounts of resistance over the course of…

7 Fixable Reasons You Aren’t Achieving Success in the Water

Being a coachable swimmer goes beyond listening to your coach--it means that you are on the fast track to improving in the pool. Here's what you need to know about being a coachable swimmer.

YAY!! no more periods, hot anime guys, yaoi, and probably a psycho murderer (but that isn't much of a downside)!!!

Omg it got so much freaking better

NonSwimmer:"omg you get to see him in a speedo every day???"   Me: ummm yeah and???

Non swimmer-"you get to see him in a speedo everyday!" Yes when seeing guys in speedos is a bad thing

Triathlon transition bag: Speedo Large Pro Backpack at SwimOutlet.com - Free Shipping

Speedo Small Pro Backpack in baby blue!

Life is full of choices!  Before I started playing sports, I thought about it long and hard. Did I want to spend all my time around a bunch of sweaty jock girls or join the swim team? Then the answer hit me like a lightning bolt. Swimming had something to offer me that other sports didn't...GUYS IN SPEEDOS. Swimming, it's the Right Choice! (Bahaha I actually own this shirt!)

I bought this shirt when my daughter first started swimming. As she got older I had to give it to her because it was just wrong for me to wear it anymore

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"Oh my gosh, you're on the swim team??? Can I have ________'s number? Have you seen his abs? Do you think all of the swimmer guys are super hott?"

It'sASwimmerThing on

"Oh my gosh, you're on the swim team? Do you think all of the swimmer guys are super hott?" Ugh, that drives me crazy!

List of swimmer problems

List of swimmer problems basically!

I still have no idea what half the people I used to swim with even look like with clothing or hair.

Happens everytime you try to describe a swimmer guy.

We swim because... Well and then there is a reason you can have some guy in a speedo on your phone and say it is your "role model"

namely because we suck at anything requiring running.

you guys this is like the cutest suit ever!!!!! if we choose the suits next year.... this is it

With the Band Shirred Back Flipturns® - Speedo® Endurance Lite® - Performance - Speedo USA Swimwear

LOVE LOVE LOVE both of these. Perfect idea for our swimmer

Swimming senior picture ideas for girls. Sports senior picture ideas for girls.

Brighton Swimming Club, 1853 Zippertravel.com Digital Edition

Brighton Swimming Club 1853 Love the tall tall hats! Pretty racy for the time! What a hoot!

Watch Your Facebook Posts- Your House Could Suffer.

31 Awkward and Funny Beach Moments. Funny Beach Pictures that will make you laugh. Funny beach pics and funny beach photos.