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sunset thought the trees - Google Search

sunset thought the trees - Google Search

For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life. - William Blake - http://www.psychicreadingssource.com/for-everything-that-lives-is-holy-life-delights-in-life-william-blake/

National bestseller "The Eagle Tree" by Ned Hayes now nominated for the Washington State Book Award.



rooks-tree-winter-18060086.jpg (400×259)

rooks-tree-winter-18060086.jpg (400×259)

And She Dreamed of Paradise

I love to stare up at the jacaranda trees - I really don't mind the mess in my yard as the purple flowers carpet the ground in this beautiful soft colour.So Cal in June - this is it!

Daphne Fedarb, Rooks in the Trees, 1957


This would make a nice tattoo design, add a few falling leaves for those loved ones that were lost.

Signs of a Healthy Tree

What Are the Key Signs of a Healthy Tree?

Here are some good indicators if your tree is in good health. This includes evidence of yearly growth, no signs of disease, and no wilting.