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World's Greatest Friend Sends Ridiculous Benedict Cumberbatch Name Variations

As I fan of Benedict Cumberbatch's name, I should find this mildly annoying- yet I find myself unable to breathe for laughing so hard. There is something wrong with me :)

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Various funny husky emotions. They have such awesome personalities. I want

23 Photos That Are Way, Way Too Real For Vegetarians

Pro vegan: funny. Correction: I try to not look like this, but sometimes it is irritating. Especially when going anywhere else wasn't an option. Don't be a dick, and I won't have to act like a bitch.

The Office haha classic jim. Read More Funny:

The Funny Thing About Shirts & Ties

Miles Teller - I really liked him in the new FootLoose movie. They picked a good replacement.

19 Posts That Show the Awesomenes of the Anime World