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Too scary!

love to put things like this in my windows! I don't know if anyone would come trick or treating if this was in my window !

Use two cakes from a bunt pan

Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Cake I'd stuff the centre and in between with pumpkin custard first C pumpkin, 1 can condensed milk, pumpkin pie spice to taste, cook on medium heat for 20 min until thick & boiling.) or cream cheese frosting

Robe of Stolen Souls (source: unknown. Please let me know if you have any information)

Robe of Stolen Souls (source: unknown. Please let me know if you have any information)~ I would do this with a cloak i think this looks too cumbersome to move in

Pingpongbal licht spookjes

Ping Pong Ball Ghost Lights — from Unoriginal Mom. Tutorial shows you how to turn Christmas lights, ping pong balls, and cheesecloth into a string of adorable ghosts.

Witch mask - There are times when you JUST HAVE TO DO IT! Like drive around in your car, wearing a hideous witch face mask with a long scraggly gray wig... as you look at other drivers and of course the kids, watching their reactions is priceless! Last week, I answered the door for the UPS delivery man wearing a witch face and I thought he was going to fall off of the porch when he jumped in the air!!!! If you can't have fun then what in the HELL is the point of LIFE?

hey guys, so after seeing my mask complete my wife asked me if I could make her a witch mask so here it is


DIY Masking Tape Hand Prop Create a spooky hand decoration or luminaries for Halloween with our step-by-step tutorial!