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Lava Flowing Into the Pacific Photograph by Stephen Alvarez, National Geographic With a hiss of steam, lava flows into the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii.


Geologic processes occurring on Earth today could have also taken place on ancient Mars, telling us where life might have existed on the Red Planet.

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Les éruptions volcaniques - Bing Images

Volcano lightning - awsome volcanoes that produce their own lightning!

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Erupting Cone Photograph by Carsten Peter Lava spews from a newly formed cone on Italy’s Mount Etna during a 2002 eruption. The ancient name Etna may mean "burning"—it's easy to see why the mountain earned that name.

cool So pretty! But seriously, how do people take these kinds of pictures without bei...

So pretty! But seriously, how do people take these kinds of pictures without bei

Color & Contrast The Color & Contrast of the lava and rock in this picture are really cool! I love the lave thats falling and its really bright orange. The steam coming off of it makes for effect. Overall, this is a fantastic picture.

The world's most dangerous volcanoes

The world's most dangerous volcanoes

Stromboli Volcano, Sicily....Volcanoes = my favorite natural phenomena~

Wonderful Indonesia: Krakatoa or Krakatau as A Legend Volcanic Island i.

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Erupting volcano - Most of the geodes that we find today were actually created when ancient Volcanoes erupted! As the lava cooled, air bubbles became trapped inside creating empty pockets. Over millions of years these pockets filled with the minerals