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Remember sifting flour?

Do you know what they are used for?

Metal ice trays. Lift the handle to break the ice apart.

Ice Cube Trays

Metal ice cube trays - I cut my tongue open on one of these - it got stuck when I licked it !

Drive-In Movie Theaters - Sound Boxes

Drive-In Movie Sound System.Speakers at the drive in.one for your car.one for the car on the other side of you.what fun it was! Not so much fun to drive away at the end of the movie with the speaker still clipped to your window!

View Master

The View Master.one of my very favorite toys as a kid. I could sit and look at the pictures for a long time! Everything from scenery to Disney caracters, and everything in between.

Uhm.... Ok I'm old.... I remember this.... We played it with floppy discs

My favorite game during school computer lab. I was part of the beginning of the generation in school that was taught how to use a computer, and let me tell you, Oregon Trail was high tech then!

I remember this packaging.

Nestle Strawberry Quik powder flavoring for your milk. It came with a little plastic scoop.

Remember when it took a key to open?

"Crisco Shortening" Tin Can With Key And Paper Label.used Crisco Shortening in many recipes at the time.