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Yes! LOL!!!

That moment when you're nearly finished with your makeup and the mascara wand hits your cheek. Your entire life is now ruined. (Or sneeze with wet mascara on).


Napkins - Anne Taintor Drunk and Disorderly Funny Cocktail Beverage -- me and my BFF.

One in particular and he will never win.....he will never break me...I got away and I will never go back~Never give up !!

Sometimes I feel like giving up, then I remember I have a lot motherfuckers to prove wrong. Funny to read when you're feeling down or frustrated!

Lol me

Lol me

Shoes never disappoint. I can't say the same thing about certain men.

SHOE QUOTES - thinking about her next Shoe Safari . Funny Shoe Quote or shopping for boots!

Choosing the perfect outfit for one night can destroy an entire room

Funny Confession Ecard: Choosing the perfect outfit for one night can destroy an entire room.

I don't understand how some women have 20 plusbridesmaids. I don'teven like that many people.

this is the most accurate thing ever. I don't get the whole bridesmaid thing, period. They get people they hardly ever talk to so it looks like they actually have friends.

I'm so glad you told your husband how much you loved him on Facebook instead of in person. From 5 feet away.

Because you have to prove you love each other by showing everyone else. Ugh so annoying