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The Hobbit! I can't wait for this movie to come out!

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I love Tolkien's poems

The lord of silver fountains, The king of carven stone, The king under the mountain shall come into his hold. And the bells shall ring in gladness at the mountain king's return.

Rings perspective: I love how they put LAVA in all caps like the ring is screaming " LAVAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" *screams*

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LOTR from the ring's perspective. I need a LOTR marathon!

Most brilliant insult ever.

Most brilliant insult ever. As useless as a shoe shop in the shire

People these days are quite creative; don't ever say they're not.

This person is moving to New Zealand and opening a donut shop called Second Breakfast with Middle-Earth themed donuts.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit Dwarves names - could be a fun matching game for kids

I can't believe that none of my friends probably realized when they pinned this that it was a lord of the rings reference.<--- truth I'm in love with lotr some people think I'm crazy but 2 of my friends are too so

A great joke AND a full Numenorian bloodline? AWESOME.

And then Aragorn epically forgot Legolas' father name when introduced him.

I love the films but what was done to Faramir in TTT was so terrible.

To all LotR "fans" out there.

To all Lotr fans out there. I still love the movies and the book! The only thing that kind of irritated me about the movie after i read the book was how the movie changed Faramir.


My brother sings this song all the time when we do the dishes.

heh that what an adventure heheh


I was so busy laughing at unexpected Journey I didn't get the second breakfast joke at first!

I hope he sees this because I'm serious. I'm obsessed with books and because I'm fifteen nothings happened. I'm hoping to save the world from peril at the Empire State Building in August though. August third. Yep. Thanks Percy.

It's all up to you, Gandalf. The fandoms: The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings I rly wish I went to camp half-blood thou

The Sword of Heroes

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