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My guardian angel...

My guardian angel…

Funny pictures about My guardian angel. Oh, and cool pics about My guardian angel. Also, My guardian angel.

drinking: i think my guardian angel drinks

I think my guardian angel drinks.ha ha, Idon't think I have a guardian angel, but if I did she'd probably drink.

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Funny pictures about My Guardian Angel Is About To Give Up. Oh, and cool pics about My Guardian Angel Is About To Give Up. Also, My Guardian Angel Is About To Give Up photos.

˚°◦ღ...Yep that is totally how I react when I see my human do stupid things!! (no offense Ayla!)                                                                                                                                                      More

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Wow ok I have a favourite angel now

I constanly want to call on her

Anabiel>>> Know I know, if I was a demigod, she would be my godly parent.<<< And for that, Anabiel shall come for you

My guardian angel after taking care of me

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My guardian angel was young & energetic when we first met. All those years of looking after me have taken its toll. looks like my grandma kennedy

I have a feeling that my Guardian Angel looked like that in my younger years.  She probably looks like this now about once a week.

This is exactly how mine looks, I know it! I am the clumsiest person in the world, poor guardian angel, but I appreciate you saving my life all the time!

I don't ship destiel but that is hilarious!

Supernatural - Destiel in schools - "Well they do share a more profound bond. We're in your schools, converting everyone ^.

My gaurdian Angel...I'm LOL, soooo Funny!!

Esculturas realistas de Lisa Lichtenfels

I WISH Cass was MY guardian angel


I wana go back to when I was 3 . Lol keep smiling

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