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this artsi is talking about power. saying that being powerful can turn someone and make them step on other people thinking that they are above and not equal. as you can see he is blocking the water by squeezing the pipe and not letting the kid have any.

May our hearts be large enough to include those who don't look, sound, or emote like we do - Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

gravitational waves parallel worlds; Could the Discovery of Gravitational Waves Prove the Existence of Parallel Worlds?...

One Nobel Recipient Accepted Her Prize Wearing A Gown Covered In Neurons That She Discovered - May-Britt Moser is a pioneer in researching the spatial reasoning powers of the human brain, particularly related to memory; it’s her work in identifying the grid cells that make up the brain’s positioning system that won her the 2014 prize for Physiology and Medicine

32 Things You Realise When You Become A Feminist

The gender divide in children’s clothing becomes all the more enraging. | 32 Things You Realise When You Become A Feminist

♥ this pin! ♥ ♥ this darling cat embroidery ♥ ♥ these stunning lip colors ♥ ♥ these ridiculously cute planters from ponyp...