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Free Palestine

Free Palestine

It's easier to accept differences when we remember that we are all Brothers & Sisters - and all a part of each other.

Another example of the 'Cute kid/National Geographic'style pro Palestinian propaganda.Cultural colonialism at its worst.

Free Palestine  Abdullah Al Natsheh Photography

Free Palestine Abdullah Al Natsheh Photography

Go for Free Palestine

Palestine, Syria, Middle East, Egypt, Israel, Freedom, Law

Please invite people to this board who has pinned anything in support to PALESTINE.

Let us hope and pray that Isa (pbuh) returns soon and save his people (the Palestinians) from the Zionists and destroy their Dajjal.

Go palestine !! Never give up :) * Separate The United States Of Israel, while we still have time...Where are Italian Americans, German Americans, Irish Americans, native and black Americans..ALL the peoples made America...We are called "Nazis" for speaking out on war, when OUR MEN died too in War...Avoid all violence, because extreme Zionists even attack their own...to get sympathy...TALK OUT..*

"Free Palestine" Previous comment is from a delusional previous pinner. Palestine is a total fictional land that never existed and hopefully it never will exist.