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Dandelions are packed with vitamins and known for their anti-oxidant properties, disease preventing and health promoting properties

Monkey Butter

Monkey Butter Recipe - Banana, Coconut and Pineapple Jam! Crazy good on toast, english muffins or even ice cream! │

Canning Dandelion Jelly Recipe. Easy Canning instructions.

Lemon Balm Jelly - I'll bet lemon balm jelly has a wonderfully delicate lemony flavor that would go well with custard or blueberry scones.

Red Currant & Raspberry Jelly

I first tried this recipe from the Complete Book of Small Batch Preserving when I discovered a red currant bush in our garden. We get so many berries from the bush that I freeze them And make this jelly all year round. My grandchildren dont want store-bought jam anymore!

cucumber jelly: Cucumber Jelly - Yield 7 - 8oz jam jars. 3 - 4 big cukes, shredded and ground up with peel on. Strain through cheese cloth or sieve. Don't push too much, or the juice will be cloudy. 2.5 cups of strained cucumber juice (from the step above) 7 cups of sugar 1 cup of white vinegar 2 pouches of Certo Pectin